Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Boot Camp

Welcome to our 2013' Everest Training Climb in Nepal We've done it again! Meet Peak Freaks dynamic team of aspiring Everest climbers and others who want to learn the ropes of climbing big mountains, all while enjoying the magic of this beautiful country so rich in culture. Joining us this autumn climbing season will be an Island Peak team from Canada and a team of Everest Base Camp trekkers. Our climbers come from around the world. This year we are joined with a team from Myanmar sponsored by "Htoo Groups of Company & Htoo Foundation", the team of five aspire to be the first team to climb Everest from their country slated for 2014'. The team just returned from a successful expedition on September 21st and are pumped and in great shape. They climbed Mount Gamlang Razi at 4876m, the second highest peak in Myanmar, it's considered a virgin peak as no human being has reached the summit till now.   Members from other parts of the world include participants from Australia, India, Canada, USA, UK, Norway, Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates.  This expedition starts in the capital city of Kathmandu on Oct. 11th. It's our intentions to keep intermittent blog posts of their progress throughout the climb until expedition end November 9th. We will be following the team up Island Peak, Lobuche East and Pokalde by SPOT tracker. We invite you to log in and follow us.  To learn more about our popular annual training climb, refer to our page: "Triple Crown" Everest Training Climb See you in Kathmandu! Tim